Wattyl Estapol Flooring Slate Sealer

  • A flooring polyuerthane for interior and exterior masonry surfaces
  • Provides a tough, protective coating
  • Resists penetration from spillages such as oil, grease and food
  • Helps bind exposed aggregate and pebblecrete
  • Strengthens masonry surfaces against eroding and dusting
  • Will not yellow over time and resists exposure from sunlight
  • Not suitable for timber surfaces
  • Available in a Gloss finish


Wattyl Estapol Flooring Slate Sealer provides a tough protective coating for a range of exterior and interior masonry surfaces.

Where To Use

Use on a variety of surfaces including exposed aggregate, slate, pebble finishes, concrete (including stamped and stencilled), brick and sandstone.


Up to 5-10m2 per litre per coat.

Sizes Available

1L & 4L.

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Wattyl Estapol Flooring Slate Sealer Thinner

  • Specifically formulated to thin Wattyl Estapol Flooring Slate Sealer
  • Washes brushes or applicators used with Wattyl Estapol Slate Sealer
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Wattyl Lambswool Floor Applicator

  • A multipurpose applicator for interior flooring and exterior decking applications
  • Applies the product smoothly and easily to the timber floor or deck
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable applicator
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