Protect your No.1 Asset with Solagard’s Total Protection Technology™

The Australian climate is one of the harshest in the world. From the searing sun to intense humidity, your home’s outdoor painted surfaces can crack, peel, blister and fade in no time at all. Wattyl Solagard’s Total Protection Technology™ provides total protection against Australia’s harsh weather. Wattyl Solagard has been providing exterior paint protection for decades ensuring Australian homes look better for longer. For Total Protection against Australia’s harsh weather, turn to Wattyl Solagard. Solagard No.1 Under the Australian Sun®.
Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen
  • UV Block Out. Blocks out harmful UV rays preventing them from penetrating the surface
  • Flexible - Resists cracking & peeling for long-term weather protection
  • Stay Clean - UV Cross Link. Toughens the surface to stay cleaner for longer
  • Breathable - Resists blistering by allowing water vapour to pass through
  • Self Priming - No primer required on most exterior surfaces for faster painting
  • 100% Acrylic - Resists chalking and fading in the extremes of sun and weather
  • Inhibits growth of mould & mildew - powerful formula to protect the surface
  • Made and developed in Australia for lasting protection in all Australian conditions
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