Exterior Colour Schemes using Colorbond® colours

Scheming with Colorbond® steel has been made easy. We have a wide range of Colorbond® steel colours available in all paint gloss levels so you can ensure that your colour schemes work seamlessly. You can now highlight architectural features of your home and match them to your new or existing roofing, guttering, fence or fascia colours that are made from Colorbond® steel. If you already have a dark Colorbond® steel roof colour, use a lighter wall colour on your home and use the roof as contrast or paint the facias a complimentary colour to balance the scheme. We have made it easy for you and have put many popular exterior colour schemes together in our Search Ideas Library; all you have to do is to choose from one of the many architectural styles or upload your exterior image and select a colour pallet in our Virtual Painter.
Wattyl Solagard Satin
  • UV Block Out. Blocks out harmful UV rays preventing them from penetrating the surface
  • Flexible - Resists cracking & peeling for long-term weather protection
  • Stay Clean - UV Cross Link. Toughens the surface to stay cleaner for longer
  • Breathable - Resists blistering by allowing water vapour to pass through
  • Self Priming - No primer required on most exterior surfaces for faster painting
  • 100% Acrylic - Resists chalking and fading in the extremes of sun and weather
  • Inhibits growth of mould & mildew - powerful formula to protect the surface
  • Made and developed in Australia for lasting protection in all Australian conditions
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